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As a comedian, it’s pretty dope to have the perspective of a Hispanic gay woman on stage. At the same time, I didn’t know that I was a lesbian until I was 26 years old, so I also relate to the “struggles” of the straights! I’m half-Dominican, half-Puerto Rican, but I’m also from New York City where that shit doesn’t really matter, since New York is an equal opportunity monster. I’m a woman, but I’ve played sports throughout my entire life and waste endless hours playing video games. My point is that yes; I’m gay, I’m Hispanic, and I’m a woman, but I don’t put myself in any type of box. I’m a person with a unique perspective on life, but I love to put myself in everyone else’s shoes to make fun of our shared experience of living in this god-awful world.


Date Name Location Time

April 3rd Hump Day Comedy Coogans 8pm

April 14th Homecoming show Bar Nine 2pm

April 14th Bushwick Bears 236 Troutman st, Bk, NY 8:30pm

April 30th Fruit Basket 3 Dollar Bill 7pm

May 1st Hump Day Comedy Coogans 8pm

May 10th Barbershop show 174 E 2nd st, NY 8pm

May 24-26th Oak City Comedy Fest Raleigh, NC 8pm&10pm

May 29th Hump Day Comedy Coogans 8pm


'Ya know what i mean’ podcast

Co-Host Kate Cassidy Ryan

Co-Host Kate Cassidy Ryan

‘Ya Know what i mean’

On the DNR NETWORK Comedian, Bartender, New Yorker, and Human Ashlynn Salzano sits down with a different Co-host every week and weave their way in and out of stories while giving you tips on things in their “expertise”. Each week will also have a good news segment so we can feel good, but there will also be a weekly dumb crime segment so we can know we’re doing good! Subscribe at to hear it live every Tuesday from 1pm-2pm , you can get it for free on iTunes and Spotify 7-days after the episode was live.

Co-Host Christiana Jackson

Co-Host Christiana Jackson

Co-Host Zach Teague

Co-Host Zach Teague

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