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As a comedian, it’s pretty dope to have the perspective of a Hispanic gay woman on stage. At the same time, Ashlynn Salzano didn’t know that she was a lesbian until she was 26 years old, so she can also relate to the “struggles” of the straights!

Salzano is a half-Dominican, half-Puerto Rican woman, but as a native New Yorker, she understands that that shit doesn’t really matter, since New York City is an equal opportunity monster. 

Ashlynn is a woman, but has played sports throughout her entire life and wastes endless hours playing video games. All of this accumulates into yes; she’s gay, she’s Hispanic, and a woman, but doesn’t put herself in any type of box. Salzano is a person with a unique perspective on life, but loves to put herself in everyone else’s shoes to make fun of the shared experience of living in this god-awful world.

Salzano can be seen at comedy venues all over New York City and across the country, including West Side Comedy Club, Gotham Comedy Club, Dangerfield’s, Hollywood Improv, Good Good Comedy Theatre, and many more. She has performed at the Oak City Comedy Festival in Raleigh, North Carolina. She hosts and produces her own monthly show, Hump Day Comedy Night at Washington Heights’ staple, Coogans. She also hosts a weekly podcast, called Ya Know What I Mean?, with the DNR Studios that can be found on any streaming service.


Date Name Location Time

April 3rd Hump Day Comedy Coogans 8pm

April 14th Homecoming show Bar Nine 2pm

April 14th Bushwick Bears 236 Troutman st, Bk, NY 8:30pm

April 30th Fruit Basket 3 Dollar Bill 7pm

May 1st Hump Day Comedy Coogans 8pm

May 10th Barbershop show 174 E 2nd st, NY 8pm

May 24-26th Oak City Comedy Fest Raleigh, NC 8pm&10pm

May 29th Hump Day Comedy Coogans 8pm


'Ya know what i mean’ podcast

Co-Host Kate Cassidy Ryan

Co-Host Kate Cassidy Ryan

‘Ya Know what i mean’

On the DNR NETWORK Comedian, Bartender, New Yorker, and Human Ashlynn Salzano sits down with a different Co-host every week and weave their way in and out of stories while giving you tips on things in their “expertise”. Each week will also have a good news segment so we can feel good, but there will also be a weekly dumb crime segment so we can know we’re doing good! Subscribe at to hear it live every Tuesday from 1pm-2pm , you can get it for free on iTunes and Spotify 7-days after the episode was live.

Co-Host Christiana Jackson

Co-Host Christiana Jackson

Co-Host Zach Teague

Co-Host Zach Teague

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